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We ensure we provide the best pricing in the elo boosting market compared to every other competitor

These are some of the premium features that we only provide and no one else does for the pricing we have.

VPN Protection

To offer the safest lol elo boost on the market, League Boosting provides VPN protection on every order as a standard. The VPN feature helps to manage the IP address of the booster while boosting on the buyer’s account so the lol boosting process can stay undetected by RIOT.

Fast Completion time

League Boostings is making sure that your lol elo boost is finished in time. Each submitted order is given a specific deadline and the booster’s goal is to meet this deadline in the fastest possible manner. The length of the boosting process depends on the details of the purchase, and the maximum time limit is indicated when selecting a lol boost.

Total Privacy & Security

We offer the appear offline feature for players who are looking to have a private boosting experience. This feature can be selected at checkout, and it assures 100% privacy, as the boosted LoL account shows as offline in the friend list while the lol boosting process lasts.

Order Tracking Dashboard

League Boostings has a built-in order tracking system for each purchased lol elo boost in the member’s area. The system offers different methods of order following, including a chart of the live match history of the LoL account that is being boosted, and a spectate button to watch the booster’s performance.

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Taliyah ELO Boosting features

Premium LoL boosting experience

Our philosophy is to provide the best lol elo boosting experience on the internet. League Boostings continuously improves and innovates its service offering while focusing on customer needs, making it possible to stay the best and number one service provider when it comes to lol elo boosting.


Cost-efficient LoL boost solution

LoL elo boosts from LeagueBoostings are available at the cheapest prices. The company continuously manages to keep the base pricing low to benefit players who are looking to buy a lol elo boost for their accounts. Additionally, by offering continuous discounts and coupon codes for our clients, we make sure that our pricing stays competitive.

Top safety & privacy

League Boostings provides the safest lol elo boost experience available. The company implemented various measures in its boosting mechanism with the goal of creating the safest and most private way of elo boosting available. All data that flows through the site is encrypted with SSL technology to protect privacy.

Fast & Instant Delivery

League Boostingsemploys challenger boosters performing high win-rates in all ranks of the game. It is an effort which is required to stay at the top in terms of lol boosting speed and performance. Our elo boosting services guarantee the fastest results and generally an instant start after placing an order.

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Zack R**m
Zack R**m
Platinum III - Diamond IV
Great group! went from Plat to D5. Booster was a pro and saved my ass so many times. Didnt matter what kind of monkeys we had as a team. This guy brought us to Victory. Great communication
Delphine L***y
Delphine L***y
Diamond IV - Diamond II
Really amazing group for boosting needs. They get the job done quickly with easy and safe payment methods as well. Their website is very professional and boosting applications are easy to fill out. I've been going to them for my boosting needs since late last year and I don't think I'm going to change my mind any time soon. Will definitely keep going to these guys for any future help! Thank you guys for keeping it real.
Evan R***i
Evan R***i
Diamond I - Master
Booster got my order done in one day
Thomas B***e
Thomas B***e
Gold II - Platinum I
Awesome great service always reliable

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